South Wall Wood Finish

Time to get the stain out and finish these last 10 panels! Started the cut at 6’6″ to match the steel studs.

Kind of artsy leaving thick stain without wiping (not a final look).

Sedona Red stain on red oak again – looks great once rubbed in.

A lot of work to pre-stain all the slabs. Took about a week total.

First layer of wood going on there (6’6″) clearly detailing where the first floor would technically end. Five panels total.

Placed reference marks with tape to show where to drill when I place the panel above. Great technique I wish I’d used when building the North wall.

Nice look at the inside with the stain applied. Admiring the open top-view while it lasts.

Tree has been great for background shots. Still pending window here on left.

Five sheets down, five more to go. Carried each sheet up and drilled it in in a single climb.

Two more go up and another slab gets stained.

One final panel left. Had to be shaved by a quarter inch to get that perfect fit!

Full South side finished (pure plywood – no windows or doors).

Tree shadow taking care of my polyurethane visibility.

Getting that metal finish to match the other side.

Most of the panels with poly on them, this side should be easily waterproofed.

Shiny! Get your shades out!

Final side-by-side of polyurethane coat and no coat.



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