Black Aluminum Windows

Black metal has a sort of universal attractiveness to it that draws the eye in a way of its own. That’s why when I had two, custom-made pairs of sliding-windows & casements ordered, I went with a black finish. I had them made at ASAP Windows, a local shop here in Austin, and I’ve got to hand it to them; they did a nice job!

Starting with getting the windows back to Tiny Casa, I could only load two windows at a time into my Eclipse. Multiple trips were made, but I’d fight the reader who questioned my love of this car if you don’t think it was worth it. Believe it or not, I’ve gotten a ten-foot, metal drip-edge in here before.

Best to start things off with a 360 degree work area I can walk around. These workhorses did the job nicely.

Let’s add some weather-proof sealant to the interior-facing side of our window casements!

and screw them into the loving embrace of Tiny Casa’s oak walls. Simple installation; like all good things should be.

Rinse and repeat with the remaining windows.

Let’s get a look from the inside. The sliding window has a twenty four inch sliding range with a bug screen built-in.

The casement window has a full ninety degree opening range to the right and no bug screen (stick your head out)!

Here we see a nice, exterior shot of a casement window. If you look closely, you can actually see the tarp weather-proofing the opposite wall through the window here. A throwback to when that wall wasn’t finished.

We’re at a point now where design choices are starting to pronounce themselves. Black steel windows boldly juxtapose soft red tones in the exterior oak and muted silvers of the interior steel frame; drawing the eye as any good window should. When I get to see my designs look as good as I envisioned, I learn to trust my design intuition more. I could have made the windows standard-sized; pick them up from Lowe’s or Home Depot and be done with it – but I didn’t. I thought the cheap, white finishes most of those windows came in wouldn’t fit my design. I spent more on quality materials and craftsmanship with the belief you get what you pay for!



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