No Wall Necessary

March is the beginning of a beautiful spring season in Austin – minus the spring showers. With this 60 degree, sunny weather we’ve been having here, I saw an opportunity to work on tiny house and take some pics this week. It was fantastic, my house was starting to feel like a space to do something inside.

I really appreciate the idea of not having the South wall here as it really opens the space up to so much natural light. The original idea was to have a fold out deck on this entire wall, but after some deliberation, I thought it best to keep it static.

Take your tarp off! Let me see those steel studs!

Makeshift desk for a few days. Loved working from this 8′ x 2′ table. Just the right height using my workhorses for standing or sitting. Even got the window so I can see who’s coming home.

Little cat/doggy door? Computer hatch? Exterior access/air conditioning? I DONT KNOW WHAT ITS GOING TO BE, OKAY? LEAVE ME ALONE 🙂

Fully set up and taking it in for the day. Got some power cords wired through the 2nd floor and studs. Even got my full desktop in there for some gaming!

Feet up backyard view might even catch a sunset here.

Setup for multiple people chilling. Note: the wall IS NOT NECESSARY to feel the enclosed space. Hatch up top open for extra lighting effects as well. I really love this picture and hope to have many more like this with all the different furniture configurations that will come forth.

We had full 2v2 rocket league setup in here. It was awesome.

Shout-out dem boys, both these guys helped me build Tiny House and have been supportive throughout the whole process. All so we could play Rocket League even closer to the screen! Also beer cans fit perfectly in the wall on the steel studs. Very useful! It’s like having a 360 shelf in the whole place! It was nice to finally spend some time in the tiny house after all the work that’s been put into it. Wish I could keep this wall exposed but I would regret it after a nice spring shower, so up goes the tarp again for now. Thanks for following along!





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