North Wall Metal Finish

This wall had some problems on the edges as it was hand cut so I decided to finish with some metal. I know everyone saw the warped wood but it’s nice to see what types of improvements can be made after the fact.

Cutting metal bars the right length. Quite loud and you need a special blade for a circular saw. Ideally only doing a few cuts of these.

Pilot then countersunk so metal screw will fit in nicely.

Nice thumb shot lol.

Corner metal where there is some peeling. I decided to do the corners first before doing seams between pieces of wood.


4 screws on a metal bar where 4 corners of wood meet.

Previously warped wood looking pretty good here!

And the entire North Face starting to look alot better now! Got an H frame of metal holding the edges together so hopefully looking pretty sturdy now too. Will likely apply this solution to any directly exposed exterior wood in hopes of waterproofing. We will see how it holds up over time, the best enhancement I could think about is also putting a silicone sealant between the edges of plywood before putting the aluminum bars over the area.



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