East Wall; The Entrance

Panels cut on the floor before going up on the structure.

As you can see at the top there’s only vertical steel studs to attach the final piece to. Except at the top. That’s where the screw holes came in handy.

Getting that last piece up there to finish the wall with 3 panels!

Stain and polyurethane standard treatment, a look inside at the chaos. Snakes and ladders and such.

And there we have it, the Front Door and Front Window (coming soon). This is the wall I felt the least change for from adding the wood over steel studs simply because it was already so open. This is the grand entrance for the Tiny Home and I plan to design an awesome door to start things off after putting a temporary door to protect the interior.

It’s nice having three out of the four walls in, I truly am starting to enjoy the space. Once it stops raining so much I plan to take the tarp off and start hanging out inside of the interior with the open face on the fourth wall.

Welcome to the front. Welcome to the cave.


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