West Wall Wood Finish

Now that the North Wall is finished and I had access to a CNC router, I can make the West and East walls perfect and start to seal everything up with a tarp. Mainly going to be a picture post here but everything turned out great on this side.

Some of the panels stacked after CNC routing. See the little screw holes for lining up with the structure. More of an experiment and accent touch but ended up being really helpful when screwing stuff in without having to measure.

A little bit of structure interlayed with untreated wood. Looks nice with the sun.

There’s actually a notch at the top of ladders like this that came in perfect for holding this board with the window. I installed this last one by myself where as the other ones I needed some assistance. Just lift it up and screw it in as fast as possible. Because of the way these stack on eachother, things went in really nice and square. The screw holes were a good alignment tool as well.

Untreated finished install. Love seeing the neutral color but it wouldn’t last like this.

Edge and Corner detail that needs some finesse.

Here’s a fun picture with the tarp unhooked like a cape.

Ultimately this will end up being my favorite static side of the house. It’s beautiful, symmetrical, and functional. Everything I sought after. Once these panels were on I was starting to realize the dream I started. Now I can’t wait until windows arrive so I can actually seal this thing up! Also since having a cat I’ve considered making that lower hole a cat door, thermal vent, or wiring housing depending on what end use I need in that space. Either way now it’s alot darker inside the structure with this wall on and once the East wall goes up it’s going to start feeling like a real house aka a box!





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