North Wall Wood Finish

The North Wall was the most important wall to finish first as it has the most wood and least cutting to do overall. The entire surface is about 11-13′ x 20′ so about 240 square feet of Red Oak that needed to be cut and placed to size vertically. Once this North Wall was finished, the rest can come together and start to become waterproof. Nothing’s waterproof without walls!

One of the biggest things that I regret with this wall is not having access to a CNC router until the window panel. All of this was cut by hand with a circular saw so some of the upper slanted angles are not exactly flush with eachother. I have a remedy for this in a future blog post. For a perfectionist cutting large slabs of wood by myself with a circular saw and plastic saw horses was a nightmare. Glad that part of it is over.

Starting out this looks so barebones now haha. CLEAN LADDERS THOUGH AND IT WAS STILL WARM AT THIS POINT!!! Global cooling is really starting to wear me down.

Getting some stain down on the lower “flush panels”. The ones highlighted in stain here were not cut much as they were 4′ x 8′. Only cuts were around the wheel well which was also a minor annoyance (prefer CNC here).

As you can see even with the stain, there is a little bit of fringing occuring with the wood. As it dries out this effect is lessened, but during this harsh winter of Austin it has been troublesome. I will have to come up with a solution here to hide the edges of my wood. I am still adamant about keeping a fully wood exterior with minimalist interior. Keep it simple stupid is appearing over and over in this project and I stick my guns to it!

Here’s proof that polyurethane is doing it’s job! This is ICE on there not just water droplets. Like I said it’s been damn cold and the house is holding up really well to the cold! Honestly I’m less worried about ice than just heavy rain at this point but it does wick off well and does not penetrate the surface.

While waiting for windows I put this piece of wood over so leaves don’t fall in.  Very makeshift but it works! Ignore the bird poop please LOL just saw that…

And here’s the finished product in a rainy shot. The white spots are where I used sandpaper and steel wool to bring down some groupings of polyurethane. They will go away after I put a second coat but I am waiting to finish the entire structure in the same second coat of polyurethane so it’s all curing at the same time.

So happy to be done with this wall (minus the window) because it means I can start to finish the other walls and seal the structure at the top to the aluminum shingles! That is a SLAB of WOOD.

Side note I have alot of excuses for the lack of blog posts. Life has been good back in Austin and just enjoying a cold holiday season. The weather discourages working outside alot of the time and I was traveling a bit to California for work but I believe there won’t be as much coming up this year. Enjoyed this winter but if it’s going to be like this every year then Austin may not be the perfect winter climate after all. We’ll see, only time will tell. Lots more progress coming up to the internet soon! Cheers!


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