Aluminum Roofing Shingles

One of the first things to do is waterproof the roof with something other than wood. I decided on Aluminum because it is lightweight, easy to work with and non permeable. We also found some cool shingles at Home Depot that work perfectly and are easy to install with Liquid Nails! I like shiny things 🙂

First things were to re-align the wood so the edges of plywood were over studs. I originally did this wrong by about 1′ spacing and had to redo all the roof panels before being able to put aluminum shingles ontop of the wood. Luckily that did not take too much time and we were able to get it done in preparation. Here is the roof with bare birch wood on top and the tools needed. Also shown is a trim piece of aluminum that we will be using around corners and edges.

That leaf blower was 20$ on amazon and it’s killer.

I found these 8′ x 2′ long aluminum shingles at Home Depot for 15$ a piece. They are interlocking with a small carat and groove pattern like this ^^.

My roof is 20′ long with 1′ overhang on the long sides going for 22′ total so 11 total pieces of shingles. So essentially after my wood is laid down my roofing material cost a little under 200$ total for the metal alone. I’ll be using liquid nails to hold them down with some small screws holding them in afterwards. The more holes you put on a roof using drills and screws gives more room for liquid penetration, so glue and adhesive is usually preferred. Also based on how the wood design was done on the roof 1-4-4-4-4-4-1 = 22′ (numbers represent feet), putting 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 metal over the top of it will cover each piece of wood over the seams with a 1′ overhang so I don’t have to worry about moisture penetrating past the aluminum layer since the wood will be a solid piece underneath.

That’s how close I am to my neighbors backyard, there’s a fence then that’s their gazebo in the back. It was a little scary and fun I had to push the liquid nails down to the wood with my socks as to not dent the metal so basically walking every square foot of the roof with socks. Also if you look closely there is the seams with the wood and screws aligned, looks pretty good actually but you can tell how the aluminum piece will cover that entire seam as one 2′ piece will be over the seam directly in the middle.

Still not quite done with the roof but the majority has been sheathed in aluminum which is starting to look pretty good! I got to finish over the loft bedroom but I plan to install a hatch so that I can easily access the roof but I have to cut some wood for that so there’s about 5′ of the house that is still not finished on the roof but it’s tarped for now so should be fine. HATCH WILL BE DOPE!!! THANKS FOR READING THIS FAR!!!

Darren from California



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