Stain and Polyurethane

As any handyman dad would do, he came out for the weekend to help me get my bearings down on some stuff that I had not done before. Getting some nice wood stain from home depot was a good call. We picked a Sedona Red color blend that I can get easily from Home Depot again and some painting rugs to rub them in. My job for a little bit was “wipeman” as you had to wipe the stain in after it had been painted with a foam brush. Here’s a shot of my dad the wipeman here haha. Much love and thanks to my dad for being helpful and teaching me the skills to be able to build my own tiny home in the first place.

Almost as red as the brick house!!

Stain only, no sheen on this but also looks nice. Could be an option for interior or flooring.

Post polyurethane layer one, taken during a rain storm so extra glossy. Small screw and seam detail can be seen here too.

Taken from a little further back next to a plain panel.

Still have plenty of progress to make, everything will have to go through the layering process of:

  1. Wood Stain
  2. Layer 1 Polyurethane
  3. Sand with 220 grit sandpaper and then brush with steel wool
  4. Layer 2 Polyurethane

This is all necessary and part of the waterproofing process for the entire home. Needless to say I’ll definitely have cans of polyurethane laying around when I’m on the road!

Another version of this shot made it to the #gram and has some interesting elements.



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