Breaking Ground

The day has finally come and it is finally here! I have had an exhausting week of work, coordination to get this house in, and coupled with Hurricane Harvey residual effects including the GREAT GAS CRISIS OF 2017 IN TEXAS!!!

Going to blast with pictures and type some descriptions. Everything looks very straight and clean which satisfies the look I was going for. Even without any work done on it, it already feels like a very nicely built object/structure to me. So glad I went with an amazing engineering firm for this piece.

Day 1 placement on the land. Space to park and work on both sides made me smile.

Forgot the interior wall panel in the UHAUL pickup truck bed, had to bring it back in the eclipse #RIDINGDIRTY #SUBNATION

Getting those cross bracing supports for transport out of there. Definitely wanted to walk through the front door once those were gone.

Trimming branches so they won’t scratch the metal.

This was just a breathtaking picture. Looks great with the Orange Eclipse and Red Chevy fitting in next to it. Sun hitting just right and without those cross members in the middle with the trees trimmed made all the difference. This is better than I expected for a building lot!

Amazing week. Labor day weekend should hopefully result in finished floors and roof. We will see based on the petroleum agenda.


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