Really now that I think back, seeing the original configurable range templates started the original inspiration for this entire project. I was looking for someone that would build me a light weight frame on wheels for a low price. However, I did not realize that Volstrukt only did the steel shell. Alot of companies out there want to give you a “complete solution” where they finish it for you, build your kitchen and bathroom, basically take all the fun out of the process and definitely stray away from a “low price”. The way I am approaching the problem and believe Volstrukt aligns is a 3 parts make a whole solution:

  1. Trailer
  2. Structure
  3. Finishes

Simple enough, it could be argued that Trailer goes with Structure but that’s the whole point of using Volstrukt. Separation of duties. My final solution ends up looking like this:

  1. 20′ x 8′ Steel Trailer 
  2. Custom Engineered Steel Frame from Volstrukt (13′ max height with trailer)
  3. Birch 3/4″ Plywood Exterior Finish

After seeing the templates from Volstrukt just browsing the web, I toyed with many ideas like having an upper deck, or having entries on multiple sides of the structure. There’s so many options and I feel everyone could find something that works for them. There was also the abstraction of “since there are so many options”, the mentality of keeping things simple which is what I eventually went with.

Structurally, cold formed steel is going to be alot lighter than a full wood frame, it is also much stronger. Once I realized I could drill directly into steel studs with my wood panels, the possibilities opened up and I knew there’s no way I was going to be able to commit to a wooden frame vs. a steel frame. Having worked with CNC routers extensively in college, seeing their completely automated process for making one dimensional steel studs was astonishing. I believe everything should be “printable” and “replicable” (if you can buy it on Amazon, anyone can buy it on Amazon) so it aligned very well with my methodology. My hope going forward is that people can see what I’ve done here and take the good and bad forward in the Tiny Home Revolution.


I want to give a special thanks to Zac Siegler from Volstrukt in Austin, Texas! I started my journey discussing with him in April while I was residing in San Francisco, and we are moving full steam ahead to be produced in August! It was such an exhilarating experience to meet someone who has so much knowledge and passion about building tiny homes, then finally getting to see the majestic steel frames in person after being teased for 3+ months in California.  Here’s some pictures from their warehouse and definitely more to come soon once we get rolling! Looking fantastic and inspirational, cheers Volstrukt! Go check them out at the Tiny Home Jamboree coming up this October!



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