Imagination and Reality

Part of the journey is to imagine an atmosphere that leads you to a certain goal. For most this goal would be the generic “happiness” which I am also aiming for in this instance. I just like to fire up my 3D software and put crazy objects around my designs, but this one is a rather tame and realistic interpretation that could actually happen. When imagination and reality begin to mix it’s a dangerous combination similar to ignition, if you believe that what you imagine can become reality, then why aren’t you doing it? And that’s the basis for this house. When I realized there was nothing stopping me from building something I wanted to start immediately. I was obsessed with the idea of defying the “normal” or “standard” way to proceed in our modern society.

This render is still very simple for such a grandiose topic of imagination. This is what I perceived as a potential reality at a moment in time, but now it starts to look quite bleak. I have some of my panels laid down which could turn into a deck design. My father loves to grill and so do I with the right company. If you look at the header picture there’s a speedboat and a lake behind the camera behind here as well. There is nothing stunning about this render actually. As I write this I want to go create another one which really drives my imagination wild. The actual purpose of this render was for a steel company so I could demonstrate my 24″ OC spacing on the steel for the passive wall so they could visualize the design.

I guess as I wrote this it started to diverge in a tangent. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to type my thoughts out and share them with the world. Everyone lives paralyzed in the fear of social media and how others perceive them. I look forward to posting in the future and going on more tangents. This is good.


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